Preliminary Courses

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Followings are the courses we recommend for advanced study of computer graphics and VFX simulation.


Linear algebra (선형대수학)

Calculus (미적분학) I, II

Engineering or advanced mathematics (공업 or 응용 수학) I, II

Vector calculus

Numerical analysis


University physics (일반물리학) I, II

Dynamics (동역학)

Kinematics (기구학)

Classical mechanics (고전 역학)

Fluid dynamics (유체역학), continuum mechanics (연속체 역학)

Computer Science and Engineering

Programming basics - c language (프로그래밍 기초와 실습)

Data structure (자료구조)

Algorithm (알고리즘)

Object oriented programming (객체지향 언어와 실습)

Computer graphics (컴퓨터 그래픽스)

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